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Full text of "transcription, Southeast News, Southeast Conference, United Church of Christ, October 1982"

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Volume 34 (actually 30), Number 5 
October 1 982 


The Van Cleaves of Wadley, AL, recently attended an annual family 
reunion in Indiana. Since most of the Indiana relatives, friends of childhood and 
youth, and even former students of Miss Vera Van Cleave could not come to 
Alabama for the celebration of her 100th birthday in December, they decided to 
hold this celebration during the summer. They seemed to feel that if Uncle Sam 
could move birthdays, they should have the same privilege. 

Two volumes of cards, birthday letters and photos were presented to Ms. 
Van Cleave. Happy birthday! 

Rev. Steven E. Voelker has resigned as pastor of Jones Chapel United 
Congregational Christian Church in Woodbury, GA to accept a call to Iowa. We 
wish for Steve and Patti God's richest blessings. 

Congratulations are in order for sixty-three persons who were recognized 
for having perfect attendance in Sunday School. In a recent bulleting from St. 
John's UCC, Cullman, AL, nineteen people were listed as having a record of one 
year's perfect attendance; others had records ranging from 2 to 21 years; Arthur 
Richter's record is 31 years and Evelyn Richter's record is an admirable 32 years 
of perfect attendance in Sunday School! 


The Commission on Women met in Atlanta September 10-11 for a 
weekend of reflection and redefinition. We celebrated some of our achievements 
as a Task Force and then turned our thoughts to our future as a Commission of 
the Southeast Conference. 

With Rev. Joyce Myers of the Office for Church Life and Leadership of the 
U.C.C. as facilitator we drew our scattered dreams and diverse goals into an 
ordered whole. The following were voted and approved: 

I. Develop leadership skills and opportunities for service of women at all 
levels in the life of the church. Affirm the vocation of women clergy and use their 
gifts in The Southeast Conference. 

II. Establish a communication network throughout the Conference for 
sharing of resources and information. 

III. Provide opportunities for self-affirmation and personal growth of 
women of the Southeast Conference. 

IV. Lift up the call to be in mission in our communities and world. 

These goals will take more specific shape in the months to come. We will 
share these with you as they develop. 

--Carol Jean Delcher 


Sunday afternoon, Sept. 12, over 100 members and friends of Pilgrimage 
U.C.C., a new church start in Marietta, GA, gathered on their property to break 
ground for their first unit building. The lilting soprano voice of Barbara Campbell 
of Central Congregational Church, Atlanta, beckoned people down a woodland 
path to the building site. 

After praising God with Scripture and song, the first spadeful of dirt was 
turned by Tom Walston, Chair of the Building Committee. Rev. Ira Chace, pastor 
of Pilgrimage, turned the next, then invited all present to "jump in." Much to the 
chagrin of the children, the adults quit after one shovelful— the children had 
thought the purpose was to dig the foundation! 

Formal construction for the $300,000 building will be underway by Nov. 1 . 
The 102-member congregation has set a target date of March 1, 1983 for 
occupying the new facility. 

This congregation has come a long way since its official beginning in 
October, 1979. All of us wish them God-speed in the construction of the new 
building and continued success. 


If you have been looking for a single resource which will help leaders in 
your church in carrying out their responsibilities, the Office for Church Life and 
Leadership of the U.C.C. has just what you've been looking for. Available by 
December 1 , The Leader's Box includes clear and concise material assistance 
on more than 140 topics, including Deacon, Elder, Annual Meeting Planning, 
Ushering, Spiritual Disciplines, UCC Polity and many, many more. 

The Leader's Box has been over three years in the making and is the work 
of the staff of the Office for Church Life and Leadership, assisted by over 400 
people from across the UCC who contributed towards its development. Made 
possible through the support of the Family Thank Offering, The Leader's Box is 
organized under four categories of leadership development: offices and 
positions, skills and tasks, background perspectives, and personal development. 
One of the churches which tested the material said, "It should be an excellent 
source of information and stimulation to officers, committee members and all the 

members of the church." "A handy-dandy little mini-library with a remarkably 
wide-ranging index and well organized," wrote another. 

"The Leader's Box will cost $23. Brochures announcing its planned 
release will be on pastors' desks in October offering a pre-publication price of 
$18. That price will be good through Dec. 31, 1982. You may also order The 
Leader's Sox directly from Church Leadership Resources, 1400 North 7th St., 
Suite B, St. Louis, MO 63106. Make checks payable to Church Leadership 
Resources and include 10% plus $1 .00 for postage and handling. 


Study aids and ideas about the Bible are found in a packet of materials 
from the Office for Church Life and Leadership. "Looking to the Word" contains 
many good resources about the Bible and Bible study. $3.00 plus $1 .05 postage 
and handling, Church Leadership Resources, 1400 N. 7th St., Suite B. St. Louis, 
MO 63106. 


Reprints of A.D.'s annual Advent Calendar will again be available this 
year. The 1982 calendar is expanded to eight pages and is in full color. Order 10- 
24 reprints for 40 cents apiece; 25-49, 30 cents each; 50-99, 20 cents each; or 
100 or more, 15 cents each. Send payment with order to A.D. Publications, 
Room 1640, 475 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10115. 


The United Church of Christ has been asked by the Vietnam Veterans 
Memorial Fund to participate in a National Salute to Vietnam Veterans this 
November. Specifically, the Fund has requested that we take part in nationwide 
religious tributes on Sunday, November 14, by honoring Vietnam veterans and 
those who died there. The planners have suggested prayers, ringing of church 
bells, special services and emphasis in sermons. The following statement was 
prepared for the occasion by Avery D. Post, President, United Church of Christ: 

"Our Church, the United Church of Christ, is a peace-making church. We 
also believe deeply in the Christian message of reconciliation. 

"Because of these beliefs, we feel strongly that this country must lay to 
rest the tensions and antagonisms that it still carries as a result of the Vietnam 

"We in the UCC opposed this war. Our highest decision-making body, the 
General Synod, proclaimed that it was an unjust war, in which the United States 
violated the South Vietnam people's right to self-determination. 

"Nonetheless, however wrong our involvement in the Vietnam War was, it 
is equally wrong to require that the men and women whom our country sent there 

pay, over and over, for our sins, now that the wrongness of the war has been 
generally recognized. 

"Therefore, we salute our Vietnam soldiers for their bravery and for their 
willingness to risk their lives at their nation's call. We salute them for the time 
they gave up, out of their youth, to serve their country. We salute both the men 
and women who died in Vietnam and those who returned home, whether they 
chose to defend their country's actions or to work to halt them. 

"As Christians, we give these veterans our love and we remember them I 
our prayers today. And we pray that our nation will put the divisions of Vietnam 
behind us, once and for all, and move forward to make peace on earth." 

History and Program: 25th Anniversary Edition 

A NEW 25TH ANNIVERSARY edition of the History and Program of the 
United Church of Christ is now available. Full of interesting information regarding 
the history of our denomination and updated information on all UCC national 
instrumentalities and other bodies, this expanded edition is an especially good 
resource for new church members. 

"This booklet tells a story— simply and directly," says Avery D. Post, 
president of the U.C.C., in the booklet's preface. "The story reaches back to the 
roots of the United Church of Christ and tracks our growth through long years. 
The story illuminates the present moment and shows how we work together in 
mission and ministry. It even steps toward the future, as it savors the hope that 
our charter is to be a united and uniting church." 

Available from The Pilgrim Press, United Church Board for Homeland 
Ministries, 132 West 31st Street, New York, NY 10001 . One to nine copies cost 
$1.50 each; ten or more copies are $1.25 each. Payment, including $1.50 
handling and shipping if order is under $12.50, must accompany order. 


Those words are on our UCC Peace Priority button, which shows a Lion 
and a Lamb smiling at each other, the Biblical hope of their dwelling together in 
peace. At the last General Synod our denomination voted as one of its two 
priorities that the UCC "become a peace church" as we seek to be faithful to the 
call of Christ to be peacemakers in today's nuclear world. 

Initiating the development of the peace priority was assigned to the Office 
for Church in Society (OCIS) with the cooperation of other UCC instrumentalities. 
Materials and resources have been produced; packets are being distributed to 
churches, pastors and those church leaders who have indicated a concern for 
peace. Five Southeast Conference representatives went to Columbus, Ohio for a 
regional training conference Sept. 16-18. Our delegates were: Rev. and Mrs. 
Charles Brewster (P.O. Box 306, Pleasant Hill, TN 38578), Rev. Edward M. 
Brown (499 Emory Circle N.E., Atlanta, GA 30307), Mrs. Louise Cox (Rt. 1, Box 

3E, LaFayette, AL 36862), Rev. James Myers (1609 Francis Ave. S.W., 
Birmingham, AL 35211), and Rev. Steven Nunn-Miller (515 Young Ave., 
Chattanooga, TN 37504). 

The overall goal is to build a network of concerned persons who link 
together the national, state and local efforts of religiously motivated people 
working for peace and justice. Because hunger and poverty worldwide are 
affected by the huge military expenditures, the peace and hunger networks are to 
be joined together. The main thrust of the program is to organize this peace and 
hunger network. Using the congressional district structure throughout the 
country, we will work to influence peace and justice through our local churches. 

You will be hearing more about the program in forthcoming issues of the 
Southeast News, at various Association meetings and through contact with 
delegates, who have individually accepted responsibility for initiative and follow- 
up in their states. They are ready to answer your questions about resource 
materials and speaking engagements. They are committed to building a Peace 
Advocacy Network in our area in partnership with you— contact them! 


The United Church Board for Homeland Ministries publication entitled 
Families is a valuable resource for adult church groups and Christian educators, 
Sunday School teachers, etc. Copies are available by writing: United Church 
Board for Homeland Ministries, 132 West 31st Street, New York, NY 10001, 
Attention Dr. Nanette M. Roberts. This publication is free of charge. 


is a help for leaders to know where to go for ideas, support and resources 
to start and nurture an ongoing, successful youth ministry program. Over the next 
three years the notebook will become a compendium of up-to-date articles 
sharing what's happening in young adult ministries, what programs have worked 
(and why), what ideas haven't worked (and why not), where to go and whom to 
ask for program helps. The binder notebook has 17 articles and five divider 
sections. By buying a 3-year "subscription" you will receive additional articles in 
twice a year mailings. $12.95 from Church Leadership Resources, 1400 N. 7th 
St., Suite B, St. Louis, MO 63106. 

"A Southern Pilgrimage: 

Central Congregational Church of Atlanta, 1882-1982" 

For all of its one hundred years, Central Congregational Church, Atlanta, 
GA, has lived between two worlds. It is situated in the "capital city" of the New 
South but its roots are in Puritan New England. Its first members were northern 

emigres, pilgrims to the hub of economic redevelopment in the post-Civil War 
south. It has remained a church of pilgrims, of one sort or another. 

"A Southern Pilgrimage" is a cooperative undertaking to which many 
members of the church contributed. Principal authors are William T. Scott, Jr., 
Allen Moye, W. R. Myers, H. L. Johnson and R. C. McMath, Jr. Based on 
research in the church and denominational archives and in various Atlanta 
research libraries, as well as on interviews with long-time members of Central, it 
is 104 pages in length and is illustrated. 

Available in November, prepublication price of the book is $6.50 per copy 
plus 75 cents postage and handling; post-publication price is $7.50 per copy plus 
postage. If five or more copies are purchased deduct 50 cents per copy and 25 
cents on postage. Make checks payable to Central Congregational Church, 2676 
Clairmont Rd. N.E., Atlanta, GA 30329. 

Curt's Nuggets 

From the desk of Curtis Schumacher, Pleasant Hill, TN: 

We expect others to honestly handle that which we give. Are we honest in 
handling what God gives us? 

Conference Calendar 



N. Alabama Association 


S. Alabama/N.W. Florida Association 


E. Alabama Association 


Central Alabama Association 


GA/SC Association 



World Community Day 


Long Range Planning Committee 


Executive Committee 


Stewardship Sunday 

National Salute to Vietnam Veterans (see pp. 



Outreach Commission 


Heritage Sunday 
Thanksgiving Sunday 
Bible Sunday 


National Bible Week 


First Sunday in Advent 


Published by the Southeast Conference 
United Church of Christ 

P.O. Box 29883 
Atlanta, Georgia 30359 

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Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation. Neither the original 

nor the transcription are copyrighted or have rights reserved; they are in 

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This transcription was recorded on July 2, 2013 by Mike Stroud, director of 

Project 66-16, an initiative to record, compile and write the history of the 

Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ.